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Towers of Damnation

Towers of Damnation

Drawing on his years of experience on Wall Street and in the oil fields of Texas, Stosh Savage portrays acts of terror that are bone-chilling beyond comprehension—but not beyond possibility.

Hidden in the oil fields of Middle America, six nuclear bombs are being readied for launching, Their targets: six of the most populous cities in the United States.

Charming would-be oil tycoon DUke Parnell’s greed and carelessness have placed America in peril; now he and his friend Wade and Norma, his Girl Friday and perhaps something more, must figure out a way to save their country and themselves—and DUke must face what the loss of Norma could do to him, as this contemporary thriller races toward its gut-wrenching finale.

Client: Stosh Savage

Art details: Oil on canvas 18″x24″

Website: stoshsavage